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POLICEMEN ARE NOT RACIST OR BRUTAL. THEY ARE JUST DOING THEIR JOBS. Yes, sometimes policemen shoot and kill people but those people are not innocent! We live in a society where if there is a conflict between somebody who is white and somebody who is black, like the police shooting, it automatically has to be racism because the white person shot the black person, but that is a dumb theory because everybody is equal, your skin color does not affect the decisions you make. I just read a story on the news about how a guy was coming at a cop with a knife, so the cop shot him. How is that police brutality? That is a cop defending himself. People who agree with the media are so uninformed. Do you think cops want to shoot people all the time? Do you know what they have to see? The crime scenes they have witnessed? Do you know how little they get paid to put their lives at risk to protect the community? Police die in the line of duty you know, you don’t think the cop knows that his life is in danger? Yet people are calling them “brutal” and “racist.” How about you rethink all of the shit that you are putting on them the next time you have to call 9-1-1.

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